Epoxy Urethane Top Coat

WB Epoxy Finish Coat is ideal for interior surfaces. WB Epoxy Finish Coat provides a clear finish. This is a two-component water based system; first component is the primer and second is the Finish Coat. WB Primer is the first coat that bonds with the surface, and then the finish coat is applied to provide a final protection hardwearing finish.

WB Epoxy Finish Coat is an easy to use and eco friendly product that is available in a semi-gloss finish. This product is designed for easy application. It is recommended for horizontal surfaces. It is excellent for pedestrian traffic, light commercial use, hallways, bathrooms, restaurant floors, showrooms, etc. Countertops with WB Epoxy Finish Coat are food safe and are ideal for food preparation areas. It creates a nice, durable, attractive finish that protects the concrete.

WB Epoxy Finish Coat has many benefits for its customers:

  • The finished look highlights the colors and provides a clear finish.
  • This coating is non-porous and is ideal for food preparation areas, such as concrete counter tops and is safe in most food environments.
  • Protects against all grease, oil, salt, and most kitchen products
  • It resists most food contamination.
  • This two-step process also provides a superior abrasion resistant surface.
  • Due to the water born nature of the product, it is easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  • Reasonable drying time.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is intended for interior use only. It is a high build epoxy system. Epoxy may be roller or squeegee applied. It resists most harsh environments, such as; industrial warehouses, commercial areas, laboratories, plants, etc. Epoxy flooring has the advantage of being able to have an aggregate broadcasted in it to create unique countertop and floor finishes.

Epoxy Flooring yields many advantages to its customers:

  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Superior wear resistance in harsh environments
  • Superior flexural tensile strength
  • Low odor
  • It can be mixed with aggregates such as: sands, marble, granite, coffee beans, etc.
  • It can be tinted to create unique, decorative touches.
  • It protects concrete from chemicals such as: gasoline, break fluid, aviation fuel, etc.