SL Overlay 

SLO self-leveling overlay is intended for interior applications. SLO can add or enhance a drab grey slab of concrete into modern and decorative flooring. This is a cementitous product with a selfleveling nature. It can be applied over existing concrete or a secured wood substrate.

SLO is available in grey or white.

SLO Primer is self-leveling. It works in conjunction with SLO. It is a bonding agent used to prime the existing surface for the application of SLO.

SLO yields many advantages to its customers:

  • It is a self-leveling system
  • With SLO you can achieve a reasonable flat/smooth surface
  • It can be applied at a minimum of ¼ inch thick
  • SLO can be stained, dyed, densified, or polished
  • Different aggregates can be added to SLO
  • It can be used residentially or commercially; hair salons, kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms, etc.
  • It can also be incorporated with radiant in-floor heat systems.

TD Overlays

This is a cementitous overlay that can be troweled, sprayed or stamped. TD Overlay can be smooth or textured. It is good for interior and exterior use. TD Overlay is available in grey and white and can be pigmented. It is available in coarse, fine and superfine.

TD Overlay is available in grey or white.

TD Overlay yields many advantages to its customers:

  • High strength finish good for residential and commercial applications (patios, driveways, walkways, bars, restaurants.
  • Can be stained, dyed or pigmented.
  • Can be used to renew old concrete surfaces.
  • Can be used for crack repair.
  • Can be used for exterior and interior applications.